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Facilitator:  Computer and Software Engineering

G. Saravanan, Technical Director at Asiankom Communication brings with him, a wealth of IT experience and expertise. He received his Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from the University of Technology, Malaysia and post university specialized in C and Java, WAP technologies & Architecture, J2ME technologies, Software Agent development, CGI Applications (using C, Java, PHP, VBScript & Server Side JavaScript), Visual Basic & Delphi and ODBC Database programming, TSAPI, TAPI, customized Linux software development, and office integration.

G (as he is known) is well versed with WAP architecture with sound knowledge of mobile internet technologies such as Open Mobile Alliance’s specifications including all the WAP related specification and JSR’s J2ME specification.  More recently, G has ventured onto Medical platforms creating Blood Bank Software, assisting with Care21 (a wholly integrated Hospital Information System) and is now developing on DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and HL7 (Health Level Seven is the most successful messaging standard in the global healthcare industry). Fashionably while within these new established aptitudes, G is affiliated to DICOM and HL7 and a Professional Member of International Association of Software Architects (IASA) while also a Member of the Malaysian Health Informatics Association (MHIA). 

Other experiences lie in developing Java midlets/application and testing, Software Agent technology and specification developed by FIPA, and is also familiar with Kabira development methodologies, with knowledge on Kabira Infrastructure Server Development and xDR Mediation Development.

Courses:  DICOM & HL7




Facilitator : Hospital Information System

Ravinder Singh, Asiankom’s ambassador to outsourcing, gained his Hospital Administration wings while a consultant with Columbia Asia Hospitals.  Primarily being involved in every aspect of across board Hospital computerization, Ravinder has been key in implementing the Care21 total integration program at the range of Columbia Hospital across West and East Malaysia.  A Computer Engineering Graduate from University Technology, Ravinder has worked with C++, VB,J2EE, Java. PHP,ASP,XML along with managing MySql, SqlServer, Microsoft Access and DB2 databases.  It is from here that Ravinder has developed Hospital Information Systems and now offer a rear insight into adaptability of HIS.



Facilitator : Soft Sills and Human Resources Advancement and Development

Hakam has been on the Training Circuit for  28 years beginning with being a ‘Certified Assessor’ from the International Accrediting Institute, USA.  From the same Institute Hakam commandeered qualifications that would allow exemptions from the Train-The-Trainer qualifications.  While completing his tertiary education in the English Midlands and Yorkshire, Hakam attained M Sc in Organizational Development, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management at Aston University, Birmingham.

Hakam Singh Tiwana is a Principal Consultant with True Networks Sdn Bhd.  He has, with Asiankom Communication Sdn Bhd, worked in several areas specializing in Human Resource Management.  The range of his consultancies has included Change Management, People Skills, Leadership, Strategic Management, Balance Scorecard and Emotional Intelligence, among others.  Indeed his training portfolio is unrelentingly huge, while he is also collaborating with several local Universities and Institutes on their MBA programs.


  • Train The Trainer
  • Building And Sustaining Effective Teams
  • Leadership Challenge-Management Challenges In The 21st Century
  • Effective Time Management
  • Problem Solving And Decision Making
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Stress Management At The Workplace-(Managing Stress)
  • Developing Personal skills
  • Self Management-Increasing Individual Productivity
  • Emotional Intelligence-Developing Relationships At Workplace
  • Anger Management
  • Innovative Marketing Program
  • Interpersonal & Personal Dealing With Customers
  • Thinking Out Of The Box (Creative & Innovative Thinking)
  • Developing And Writing Key Performance Indicators
  • Coaching Skills To Improve Employee Performance
  • People Management Skills For Leaders & Managers
  • Supervisor In Action (Modular)
  • Motivating For Higher Productivity
  • Management Development Program (Modular)
  • Creating & Sustaining A Positive, High-Morale Workplace
  • Effective Recruitment/Interview/Selection Techniques
  • Strategic Thinking – Thinking Ahead
  • Successful Negotiating Skills
  • Managing Meetings That Get Results
  • Workplace Facilitation Skills
  • Scqa - Top Down Thinking
  • Sexual Harrasment At The Workplace
  • Succession Planning
  • Transformational Change Management
  • Taking Charge- Teaming For Excellence
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills- Building Effective Relationships
  • Managing Others
  • Engaging “Generation Y” Workforce
  • Talent And Retention Management
  • Handling Difficult Employees


Facilitator: English as a Business Communications Language and Motivator

An International Traveler, Narinder, otherwise known as Nari, has worked in the United Kingdom, Kenya, India and Malaysia.  Having spent his 20 years in England, Nari has done sojourns in Portugal and France, then teaching English to speakers of other languages.  Back in Malaysia, Nari is also a Motivational Speaker.  He has had a varied working life, his experiences ranging from GM in Car Parks Management (India) , GM in Construction (Kenya), lecturer in IT(Undergraduate), Organizational Behaviour (MBA Level).  MBA qualified in ‘Management’ added to a Diploma in TESOL, amongst other educational awards, Nari teaching techniques combine language instructions with Corporate thinking, a two-in-one stop.


  • English as a Business Communications Language
  • Train-The- Trainer
  • Managing and Appraising Employee Performance
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills- Building Effective Relationships